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Core Values

These are fundamental, non-negotiable values on which we stand that are the foundation for everything we do. These values shape our character and are the criteria by which we determine our endeavors.

Grace: Everything we know of life and godliness is a gift of God not conditioned upon our merit or works. God, in His infinite goodness, has given us His ability to live out a victorious Christian life and has qualified us for all His promises.

Faith: This is the response on our part to what God has already accomplished through Jesus. It is by faith that we have access into grace where we experience the boundless love, giftings, and blessings of God.

Love: God is love and He loved us first. God's plan for people is to love Him and love others. We are enabled to express this love to others in the way we value and treat people.

All believers stand on equal footing in Christ's Kingdom. There is no division by gender or race-we are all one in Christ. Leadership and authority flow from giftings and callings, not position, race, or gender.

Giving: The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of generosity established by Christ giving Himself for us. Sowing and reaping is a universal principle.

We must endeavor to serve one another with all love and humility, and those who desire to lead must be servants of all.

As believers, we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Giftings and Callings:
Every believer has the same calling to proclaim the gospel and make disciples. In our individual passions and giftings we can each contribute to that process through the Holy Spirit's guidance.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit: All believers are entitled, and should actively seek and expect, to receive the outpouring in the Holy Spirit that is distinct from, and subsequent to, the new birth. This outpouring is a baptism of power and presence that enables the believer to live life to the fullest and evangelize with boldness. This baptism brings with it the spiritual gifts and the power to perform miraculous signs and wonders.

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