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Personal History of Dave Duell, Founder of FMIN

Dave grew up on a farm in Kersey, Colorado. The youngest of thirteen children, Dave learned many of life's valuable lessons through hard work and love. His strict father taught him discipline and his gentle mother taught him love. Dave says in his book "Faith, Believe It or Not," "The training I received growing up on a large farm let me see how God operates through many practical experiences." (Photo: Dave's family, 1941; Dave is four years old)

Dave was born again when he was twelve years old at a Bible Camp under the ministry of a missionary from the Congo of Africa. From then on he had a heart for missions. When he was fifteen years old, by a hay bale out in the field, Dave knelt down and asked God for the privilege of being wealthy enough to support five hundred missionaries. This prayer influenced his life immeasurably.

Dave and Bonnie, born and raised in Chicago, met at North Park Junior College in Chicago, Illinois. He brought her home to live on the ranch in Kersey, Colorado. (Photo: Dave and Bonnie Duell, 1959)

God blessed them with three lovely daughters, Tamara, Juli, and Darla. Later they adopted a beautiful little Korean girl and named her Sarah. As Dave and Bonnie raised their girls, they taught them the love of Jesus, and were very involved in their church. (Photo: Duell family, 1977)

When Dave was thirty-one years old, his desire increased to know the Holy Spirit personally. He was invited to a Full Gospel Businessmen's meeting in Denver, Colorado, where he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with power. You can read more of this story and many other adventures in Dave's book: "Faith Believe It . . . or Not."

The Story of Faith Ministries

Dave and three brothers maintained their farm and cattle ranch, but he also began testifying everywhere about the love and power of Jesus, releasing miracles to others and bringing deliverance to those in bondage. He eventually began a Bible study in a home, which by 1978 evolved into a church in Greeley, Colorado. Years before, the Lord had spoken to Dave, "I am giving you a ministry called Faith Ministries." Thus, the new church was named Faith Ministries Fellowship.

Their international ministry began in 1980, when Dave and Bonnie took a team from their church to Kenya, East Africa. It was the beginning of many trips and large meetings around the world. (Photo: Kenya Crusade, 1980)

Dave and Bonnie served as senior pastors of this growing congregation until 1993 when they were called by God to start another Faith Ministries Church in Denver, Colorado. This congregation touched the Denver area and the world with the love and joy of Jesus. It continues today as FM Denver Church.

The Duells have ministered in seventy-seven nations. They founded Faith Ministries Fellowship in Greeley, Colorado, in 1978, and served as senior pastors until moving to Denver to establish Faith Ministries Church International, now Faith Ministries Denver Church. They have written and published eight books:

  • Faith Believe It Or Not
  • Faith, What A Deal!
  • How to Flow in the Supernatural
  • Throw Yourself a Party
  • Knowing God
  • You're Loaded!
  • Grace Beyond Measure
  • More Than Enough

Dave and Bonnie hold honorary doctorates from Bethel Christian College in Riverside, California. Dave served on the board of Andrew Wommack Ministries for over 20 years and on the board of AIMS. Bonnie co-founded Women Embracing the World and was a leader in its purposes for seven years. They have four married daughters, twenty-seven grandchildren, eighteen great-grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Faith Ministries International Network

Dave and Bonnie traveled to seventy-seven nations bringing healing, encouragement, and joy. Over and over they found themselves being spiritual parents to pastors and ministry leaders everywhere.

In 1998, God re-birthed a desire in Dave and Bonnie to join together with other leaders in the Body of Christ and form a network that could pool the resources of its partners and facilitate the advancement of the Kingdom of God beyond the ability of a single person.

They began by forming an Apostolic Team as an extension of their anointing and ministry. This team is available to the network partners for training, encouragement, counsel and resource referral.

Today, FMIN has grown to over 600 partners, representing hundreds of churches and ministries in 54 nations.

The trademark of Faith Ministries is:

  • Being a relationally-oriented family
  • Keeping it simple: love God and love each other
  • Experiencing God's power and love through grace
  • Receiving what God has done for us through the finished work of His Son Jesus Christ and living the abundant life
  • Joining together to fulfill our God-given destinies

Dave graduated to Heaven in September 2015 but his legacy continues on earth.

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