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2019 Youth Camp- Supernatural Heroes, Rescued from the Upside Down

2019 Youth Camp- Supernatural Heroes, Rescued from the Upside Down Location: Bear Trap Ranch
07/22/2019  to 07/26/2019

In life, events happen that affect, even change the course of mankind. Whether it’s by science, technology, religion, natural disasters, war, or social trends, our society is constantly changing. Today’s society is being shaped by popular culture trends and beliefs. It has been said, ‘repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.’ In psychology this is known as the “illusion of truth.”

Right is taught as wrong and wrong is being presented as truth. It seems our whole belief system is being challenged. Our culture appears to be upside down.

But we have been ‘rescued’ from this dark, upside down culture and ‘translated’ into His kingdom (Col 1:3 TPT). Translated means to move from one place or condition to another. God tells us to stop following “the ideals and opinions of the culture around you...” Romans 12:2 (TPT).

Theaters are full of super hero movies. These heroes appear to be real but they are not. God has placed in us a real Supernatural Hero called the Holy Spirit. He gives us the ability to know truth and live a Supernatural transformed life.

Join us July 22-26, 2019 at beautiful Bear Trap Ranch in the mountains of Colorado for FMN’s 21st year of Youth Camp. Our team will continue the vision of training and developing young people!

Make your plans TODAY—register at fmyouth.org

Geary and Juli Perry are the Youth Directors for Faith Ministries Network and help pastor at FM Denver in Colorado, USA. Geary and Juli have nine children and fifteen grandchildren.

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