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Our World Partners

FMIN is a relational network, a family, made up of individual partners each with their own unique ministry goals. Our common goal is to expand the kingdom of God together by proclaiming the true Gospel: the message of grace and peace through what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

If you are looking to connect with other FMIN Partners, you can look them up in our partner list by name, ministry type, city or country.

If you are interested in furthering the true Gospel and the outreach FMIN is accomplishing, please consider a donation. And be sure to click here to meet your FMIN leadership and administrative team.

Recently Added Partners:
Dieudonne & Furaha Kivi - Canada
Daniel & Davamani Talluri - India
V Venkatram Naik - India
George Muller Vemuri - India
John Paul & Sheeba Kolukulapally - India
Premkumar & Mary Gandham - India
Benjamin & Shanthi Paladhi - India
Zatah A & Tenneh Nyeneme - Liberia
Yellamelli Ravi Lokesh Kumar - India
Vinay Deep & Preethi Kotamraju - India
Bwana & Cecilia Ondieki - Kenya
Matias & Grace Chibwe - Zambia
George & Leah Odero - Kenya
Judah P & Marian Vah - India
Venkateswarlu Elisha & Jyothi Mathangi - India
Jared & Martha Nyabuto - Kenya
Benjamin & Sowbhagyam Kondepaga - India
Samuel Shamaun - Pakistan
Faustin Munyaneza - Rwanda
Karunakar Tadepalli - India

Partner Birthdays This Month:
Grace Shiku - September 1st
Karunakar Tadepalli - September 2nd
Rashmi Sahu - September 2nd
Caroline Nyandika - September 3rd
Mary Tagaram - September 3rd
Barbara Cain - September 3rd
Mark Harris - September 3rd
Salomi Dheeravath - September 4th
Solman Vileena Tadepalli - September 6th
Solomon Poshan Kumar Kapula - September 7th
Shaleam Dirisena - September 7th
Rajasekhar Kondamudi - September 7th
Betty Oundo - September 7th
Japhat Chhinchani - September 9th
Dorothy Lapiz - September 9th
Deborah Tay - September 9th
Samuel Torko - September 9th
Rose Mubiri - September 9th
Amanda Conway - September 10th
Marjorie Broce - September 10th
Ravi Madasu - September 10th
Ibrahim Kirabo Kayondo - September 10th
Angela Kibirige - September 11th
Edward Ssebuyungo - September 11th
Margaret Miugo - September 12th
Josiah Pah - September 12th
Naidu Chinnam - September 12th
Pascalina Daka - September 13th
Polly Lunetto - September 14th
Leah Kalisti Kalisti Malugu - September 14th
Joyce Tonnelle - September 14th
Valentine Wanyonyi - September 14th
Davidson Yowath Nsubuga - September 15th
Ken Shiku - September 16th
Rosemary Mugambi - September 17th
Daniel Joseph Nathi - September 17th
Grace Gracy - September 17th
Preethi Kotamraju - September 17th
Jhansi Rani Yedida - September 18th
Cynthia Bonham - September 18th
Charles Oundo - September 19th
Peterson Kabuye - September 19th
Harriet Kayondo - September 19th
Donald McMaster - September 20th
Jones Wepukhulu - September 20th
Naviga Precious Agnes Nsubuga - September 20th
Shamim Shamaun - September 20th
Ravi Lanka - September 21st
Patrick Schram - September 21st
Pam Kilpatrick - September 21st
Joseph Roberts Paramata - September 21st
Johnson Babu Tella - September 22nd
Tommy Morgan - September 22nd
Ben Amrine - September 22nd
Isaac T. Remi Thomas - September 22nd
Jeffrey Farber - September 23rd
Kay McMaster - September 24th
Joshua Ernest Etse Tay - September 24th
Ellene Meece - September 25th
Ruth Gill - September 25th
Jackson Akibua - September 25th
Alfred Kargbo - September 27th
George Nsubuga - September 27th
Kumar Raju Komannapalli - September 28th
Eunice Opiyo - September 29th
Andy Greene - September 30th

Partner Anniversaries This Month:
Celestial Babu & Suvarna Manda - September 1st
Robert & Janice Hough - September 3rd
Wayne & Anna Ostermann - September 4th
Elisha & Emmy Odhoch - September 4th
Teh Francis & Rossel Bi Yai - September 6th
Perezi & Florence Were - September 7th
Edwin & Kevina Muganyizi - September 7th
Jigmee & Bhana Bhutia - September 8th
Nelson & Liliane Uwayo - September 8th
Paul & Susan Muema - September 9th
George & Damalie Nsubuga - September 10th
Jairo & Caren Onyiego - September 11th
Doug & Liz Dimmel - September 11th
Bhagyaban Prem Jyothi Prasad & Sangeeta Raulo - September 11th
Poupo & Felicia Elie - September 11th
Elijah & Marion Nabweteme Bwogi - September 11th
Joshua & Grace Masaba - September 12th
Jay Charles & Luz Mary Soper - September 13th
Steven & Scovia Muwanguzi - September 15th
Rick & Glenda Tait - September 15th
Emmanuel & Sonera Sadiq - September 17th
Daniel Charagu & Jane Muiruri - September 18th
Moses & Faith Yimba - September 19th
Josiah & Ernestine Pah - September 19th
Peter & Beatrice Simiyu - September 20th
Moses & Ruth Wheigar - September 21st
Tommy & Kim Morgan - September 22nd
Samuel Victor & Aruna Sowjanya Chappidi - September 22nd
Jim & Norma Gregory - September 24th
Caleb & Judith Makochar Owino - September 24th
Philemon & Christer Brighton - September 25th
Sunil Kumar & Bharathi Mekathoti - September 25th
William & Lenah Kilel - September 26th
Simonu & Raja Kumari Pallepogu - September 29th
Norton & Raquel da Silva - September 30th
Stephen & Mary Owino - September 30th
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