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Robert & Jill Scheck
Church on the Rock - HMI

Gardner, KS
United States

Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: June 1999

Biography: Robert and Jill have been pastors of Hallelujah Ministries International in Hays, Kansas since 1996. Their ministry began in Denver in 1992. In 2003 they bought a ministry building that was formerly the local bar. The building and new location serve as a community outreach and discipleship training center. It features a cafe called the Jill E. Pepper Cafe.

The vision and main emphasis of their ministry is to establish God's covenant principles in the "Heartland" of America. The specific purpose of the ministry is to deal with the heart issues of men, women, and children resulting from divorce, rocky marriages, and severed relationships. They teach how to practically apply God's covenant principles to one's Christian walk towards recovery and healing into wholeness for effective daily living.

Dealing with the blended family and all the consequences of broken relationships, Robert and Jill have been there and done that! They mentor others to renew their marriage vows and teach others how to minister to the heart. Robert wrote the workbook, Returning to Eden, which has been rewritten for easier reading, called Unshakable Marriage, a biblical blueprint for strong relationships. He is currently writing another book, soon to be published. Jill and Robert offer this covenant teaching by appointment to all FMIN Partner churches.

Strengths: Robert's strengths are teaching leaders and writing, while Jill's specialty is prophetically ministering to the heart issues of women, especially to those related to divorce, abuse and blended families. Together they work as a prophetic ministry team in covenant marriage seminars.

Robert - August 31
Jill - March 30

Anniversary: March 3

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