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Dennis & Denise Capra
Faith Ministries Community Church

Leawood, KS
United States


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: Charter Member

Biography: Planted in 1994, Faith Ministries Community Church pastors, Dennis and Denise Capra, celebrate a dynamic, growing church. It is the overflow from ten years of home group ministry and street evangelism. Community outreach includes a coffee bar, a dynamic youth ministry and children's ministry, Life Bible Training and annual mission trips.

Their vision lies in training leadership that builds people and in seeing fulfillment of Jesus' Great Commission. They have also faithfully served with Dave and Bonnie Duell on the Faith Ministries International Network Leadership Team since its beginning in 1998, giving many hours to planning and leadership.

Strengths: Dennis and Denise believe that the strengths of their ministry lie in the area of vision. They have an ongoing prayer team, cell groups and a dynamic emphasis on outreach, believing that every believer is a minister and thus part of a harvesting team!

Dennis - January 25
Denise - March 26

Anniversary: August 2

Family: Dennis and Denise have two grown children, Neil and Alison, and two grandchildren, Joaquin and Maliyah.

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