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Cleve & Jan Whitaker
Capstone Carriers, LLC

Pleasant Hill, MO
United States

Ministry Type: Business

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: January 2014

Biography: Cleve and Jan describe their combined Mission Statement as: "To be outrageous givers for the Kingdom of God through financial support. To use our spiritual gifts for strengthening, encouraging, and establishing others in their identity in Christ." They focus on serving and giving at their local church, Faith Ministries Community Church in Kansas City, Missouri and with the FMIN network.

Cleve is owner and manager of Capstone Carriers, LLC; a trucking company specializing in hauling freight throughout United States. Jan retired from teaching in the inner city high schools and college/university campuses. She also worked for FMIN Network as the Administrative Director for a little over two years. She is currently traveling nationally and internationally as a teacher and counselor, along with ministry of the prophetic.

Strengths: Cleve's administrative, management and organization skills are his strengths in business. Jan's administrative, teaching, counseling and the prophetic are her strengths in ministry and assisting Cleve in business.

Birthdays: Cleve - January 26 Jan - January 16

Wedding Anniversary: October 22

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