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Moses & Ruth Wheigar
Servants of God Outreach Ministries


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2006

Biography: Moses is the founder and overseer of Servants of God Outreach Ministries and also pastors the Church in Monrovia while Ruth serves as the Women's Fellowship Drector. The ministry was established in late 1996 and has grown to five local congregations in Monrovia, Buchanan and its surroundings.

The mission statement is: to know Christ better and to make Him known to others. The ministry's vision statement is to be a growing fellowship of faith equipping the saints to build a stronger, biblical church through evangelism and discipleship.

Moses - July 14
Ruth - January 10

Anniversary: September 21

John - January 1, 1991
Moslyn - June 4, 1995
Needah - July 30, 2005

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