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Yesupadam Inty
India Gospel Ministries



Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: October 2006

Biography: India Gospel Ministries began in 1999 by Yesudadam and Sanjeeva Inty. Even though the city of Akividu has close to 35,000 residents, it is surrounded by 250 villages. Very few people of this region are educated; all local residents work in the crop fields. Many live in poverty. Every year Yesupadam and Sanjeeva conduct crusades, getting the Gospel to thousands of previously unreached people. These people previously worshiped animals, trees and stones. Now they are hearing the Gospel, and some are baptized. Illnesses are being healed, such as cancer and paralysis.

Yesupadam and Sanjeeva have a strong and vibrant church and now have many children centers and home churches. Every Sunday evening they have youth meetings. The Intys still take time to personally visit the families in their church in order to build relationships.

Strengths:Yesupadam and Sanjeeva's ability to conduct their yearly crusades helps them reach their goals of ministering to youth and children, getting the Gospel to the unreached and establishing home churches.

Yesupadam - August 10
Sanjeeva - January 1

Anniversary: May 15

Family: Yesupadam and Sanjeeva have three grown children, two sons and one daughter, and five grandchildren.

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