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Moses & Everlyn Kenyanya
Liberty Ministries International


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: August 2007

Biography: Liberty Ministries International was started in 1994. It is located in the western part of Kenya, which is highly populated. While Moses and Everlyn face lack of Bibles and publications for their Bible college students, and building materials with which to build shelter from the heavy rains and hot sun, they have a growing, thriving ministry. Besides their Sunday services, they also have small cell groups which finally evolve to be organized churches where they assign a ministry and a pastor. They also have a growing youth ministry that has youth camps, special seminars, youth services and even a youth choir. Liberty Ministries International also cares full time for approximately 26 orphans, who stay at the church.

Moses says, "The primary focus for Liberty Ministries International is to reach the unreached of Africa and see more saved and baptized as per the commission of Christ that is to go ye and make them disciples of Christ. In so doing, we are opening up small local units which are led by local pastors helped by the local lay leaders."

Strengths: Moses and Everlyn have a heart to minister and care for the Body of Christ.

Moses - October 10
Everlyn - August 23

Anniversary: October 10

Brian - December 25, 2000
James - June 10, 2003
Melody - May 7, 2005
Moses and Everlyn also have an adult son, Jeriah.

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