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Rashid & Caren Amollo
Prince of Peace Ministries Worldwide


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: May 2007

Biography: Prince of Peace Ministries Worldwide began in 1995 in Nyanza Province of their rural area. It started after a very organized week-long open air crusade where seventy souls were saved within that first week. Rashid felt the need to start a central place where these people's spiritual needs would be attended to, and moved to Nakuru, which is a multi-tribal city covered by slums in extreme poverty. The church has grown to other branches, and they continue to preach with the aim of converting souls to Christ and preparing a church that Christ is coming back for.

The major focus of their church is to train, especially the youth, to become spiritual leaders. Their goal is to make them a reliable, self dependent, focused generation that can improve and raise the standard of living in their own society. They are building both strong spiritual and physical foundations of future leaders in their children. They do this by organizing workshops, leadership training and conferences. For adults, they organize teaching services to ground them in the faith.

Strengths: Rashid has strong organizational skills, which he puts to use in growing and ministering to his congregation.

Rashid - July 7
Caren - March 2

Anniversary: January 1

Maxwell - June 3, 1983
Kenneth - December 1, 1985
Jerita - November 1, 1987
Jean - October 16, 1994
William - December 15, 1998
Enock - June 3, 2003
Eddie - June 20, 2004

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