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Dickson & Valentine Wanyonyi
Pentecostal Evangelism Fellowship Africa


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

November 2007

Biography: In the western province of Webuye, Kenya, Dickson and Valentine are, through the grace of Jesus Christ, focused on bringing young people to the Lord. Their children's ministry works with three age groups, 12-18, 19-25, and 26 and older.

Dickson says youth programs involve a good look at economical growth, which will greatly affect the young people's future. "Most of our Sunday School children come from poor families, so we have a program to take them to school. We also plan to keep them busy in spiritual affairs," Dickson says.

To accomplish that, the children's ministry of Pentecostal Evangelism Fellowship Africa takes its leaders to Bible School as well as organizational workshops and related activities.

Strengths: Dickson's strengths are in evangelism and prayer as well as working on the farm.

Dickson - December 25
Valentine - September 14

Anniversary: June 4

Timothy Wekesa - September 14, 2004
Dennis Hosea - May 28, 2007

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