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David & Ruth Ojelade
Dunamis Hand of God Evangelical Bible Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: January 2008

Biography: Dunamis Hand of God Evangelical Bible Church began on October 1, 2006. It is located in Odo-nla, Ikorodu, which has rural areas and industrial areas, as well as estates. David and Ruth are very busy in several evangelistic projects. Besides equipping church pastors and ministers on mission fields and Bible College, they train youth, church workers and leaders at other ministries. They also have a ministry distributing bibles and other literature. The mission statement for the ministry is: Reaching the world with the Word. David and Ruth's vision for the ministry is to reach the unreached and plant more churches.

In 2008, David and Ruth began Dunamis Global Mission Network to host and train missionaries as they equip them for global mission/evangelism. They send out missionaries for global missions and church planting, and network ministers for mission opportunities around the world.

In 2011 David and Ruth planted a new church in Osun State and are working in villages in Lagos with Muslims coming to know Christ.

Strengths: David is a strong evangelist and teacher. They have a heart for healing and missions.

David - April 18
Ruth - January 15

Anniversary: April 11

Felix - November 11, 1997
Festus - October 25, 2002
Felicia - November 5, 2006

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