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Shamaun & Shamim Bashir
Philadelphia Pentecostal Church

Philadelphia, PA
United States

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: June 2008

Biography: Shamaun is a recent resident of the USA, previously living in Pakistan. There he had a ministry called Philadelphia Pentecostal Church of Pakistan. The church began in 1962, working within the poorer areas of Karachi.

Shamaun now lives in Pennsylvania, USA, and has started a church there. They began with just 15 people in October 2012, meeting in a basement. They have rented a building and continue to grow. Shamaun says, "God is using us here by His glory. People are receiving physical and spiritual blessings."

Strengths: Shamaun's strength is the clarity of his vision for the body of Christ especially his vision for an educated, strong new generation of Christian youth who can minister in many ways.

Shamaun - December 20
Shamim - September 20

Anniversary: October 10

Starla - September 12, 1995
Shehrose - February 6, 1998
Elijah - August 18, 2001
Jeremiah - March 10, 2008

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