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Emmanuel & Dianah Muwanguzi
King of Kings Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: July 2008

Biography: King of Kings Church began in 1998 as a weekly fellowship in Emmanuel and Dianah's home. They began preaching, and within one year the Lord had brought in 500 new converts. A neighbor of theirs who was a high ranking army official labeled Emmanuel and Dianah rebel leaders and tried to stop them, even to the point of death. God had other plans, however. The neighbor's mother-in-law came to visit and was dying. The neighbor's son was sent to get Emmanuel and Dianah to pray for the woman, as their prayers to the virgin Mary had not helped. The Lord raised the mother-in-law from death that night, and six adults were saved as a result. The army official was born again, accepted Emmanuel and Dianah as his pastor, and the church began growing by leaps and bounds with many healings.

The church has many evangelism programs, such as open-air meetings, door-to-door evangelism and handing out gospel tracts. Emmanuel says, "Our vision is Love (Matthew 22:37-39), Justice (Micah 6:8) and Peace among all." Their mission statement is: To produce Christians who embrace peaceful and holy living through obedience to the Holy Word of God and patiently wait for the second coming of the Lord Christ, who is King of Kings.

Strengths: Emmanuel and Dianah's strengths are preaching, evangelism, teaching, singing and love.

Emmanuel - December 25
Dianah - July 3

Anniversary: December 19

Sylvia - January 29, 1997
Shellah - October 28, 1999
Winner - June 30, 2001
Glory - March 9, 2005

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