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Peter & Callen Siobe
Mochengo Christian Fellowship Church

Etago, Nyamarambe,

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: December 2008

Biography: The mission statement for Mochengo Christian Fellowship Church is: no victory unless the mind is protected with God's Word. The church has grown to around 200 members with a very active youth group which meets three times a week and a large worship team of 34 musicians.

Peter and Callen tell us the church has cell groups for members to strengthen themselves spiritually by sharing the word of God. Gifts are shared equally between men and women to expand the kingdom.

Strengths: Peter and Callen's strengths include teaching, preaching, prophesying and singing.

Peter - April 7
Callen - July 2

Anniversary: July 16

Moses - July 10, 1999
Doroth - January 4, 2001
Joyce - February 17, 2003
George - March 12, 2005

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