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George Willy & Ruth Bavunana
Excel Faith Ministries/Christian Revived Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: February 2008

Biography: George Willy and Ruth began Excel Faith Ministries and Christian Revived Church in 2006, holding evangelism meetings in several places. In 2007 they started a church in Nambo, then in 2008 another church in Bugiri Town. They plan to make Bugiri Town their headquarters. The focus of their ministry is evangelism, caring for children and an educational ministry helping widows and other vulnerable people.

The churches are growing and find many ways to meet the needs of those who attend through follow-up visits, retreats, youth and women's ministries as well as home cell groups. The goal of the church is to depopulate the enemy's kingdom and populate God's kingdom through evangelism.

Strengths: George Willy and Ruth are gifted Bible teachers.

George Willy - December 27
Ruth - May 19

Anniversary: October 29

Jonah Balina - August 17, 1995
Priscilla Biryeri - October 9, 1997
Methessera Musasizi - August 15, 1999
Emanuel Mukisa - April 15, 2001
Martha Mirembe - September 7, 2003
Timmothy Muwanguzi - September 11, 2008

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