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Platwell & Mphatso Dindi
Bridge of Hope Ministry


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2009

Biography: Bridge of Hope Ministry was begun by Platwell and Mphatso in October 2007 with the desire to help those affected by HIV/AIDS in Malawi, especially the children and youth. Platwell tells us, "Our today's youth are leaders and the hope of tomorrow."

The vision of Bridge of Hope is to:
1. Promote the best start in life for the poorest children in communities.
2. Provide psychosocial care for holistic development of children.
3. Address the negative socio-economic factors that affect children and their development.
4. Promote the protection of children from any form of abuse and discrimination.
5. Provide youth with Christian mentors as examples of Godly men and women.
6. Promote youth to take part in community activities.
7. Provide job training in areas that will be useful in life situations.
8. Create textile job training that will provide a service to the Malawi government.
9. Provide daycare for orphans and underprivileged and other children.

Strengths: Platwell and Mphatso show the love of God to those who need it the most. Their talents include counseling and sharing what they have with others.

Birthdays: Platwell - February 2
Mphatso - December 27

Anniversary: August 29

Malumbo - December 23, 1999
Tawonga - October 20, 2006
Two adult children, Godfrey and Styson Longwe

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