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Abel & Joyce Otero
Nyakeyo Independent Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: June 2009

Biography: Nyakeyo Independent Church began in 1981 as a small home cell group. During that time, Abel and Joyce received the vision of reaching the unreached and realized the Lord was using them to bring many to Jesus Christ. The small home cell group has now grown to be the mother church of three strong churches.

The focus of the ministry is leadership training, evangelism and Bible school. Realizing the importance of home cell groups, the church continues to have such groups led by church leadership under the leadership of Abel. The church also has an active nursery, children and youth ministry.

Strengths: Abel and Joyce are gifted pastors as well as teachers. They are evangelists, shepherds and church planters.

Abel - December 24
Joyce - June 16

Anniversary: July 9

Clinton - June 9, 1996
Diplin - December 24, 1999
Edwin - February 14, 2002

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