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Teh Francis & Rossel Bi Yai
Jinkfuin Baptist Church/Goodness and Mercy Missions

Boyo, NWR,


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: June 2009

Biography: Jinkfuin Baptist Church was founded in 1967. Several pastors have served in the church. Teh Francis and Rossel began pastoring the church in 2002. The church has nearly tripled during their time there and is still growing. The church has cell groups which are distributed according to geographical location as well as a large children's ministry. Their goal is to nurture their children in the fear of the Lord using grace-based curriculum. They have a pastor dedicated to ministering to youth, who assists them in holding rallies, retreats, all-night prayer meetings, excursions and going out to witness. The youth group from Jinkfuin Baptist Church works with youth from other churches forming a group called National Youth Fellowship. Teh Francis tells us, "Prayer is emphasized in the church. We also focus attention in evangelism, sending out missionaries to other parts of Cameroon."

In 2007, Teh Francis, along with a colleague, formed a faith-based ministry, Goodness and Mercy Missions, in a desire to give more service to the community. This ministry has been doing charitable work around Cameroon, helping rural poor, women, men, and youth. It also distributes Christian literature from several ministries in the USA, Britain and Korea. The work of the ministry is done by community-based volunteers.

Strengths: Teh Francis is a gifted administrator and a strong teacher/preacher. He has a desire to train more people to work in the churches and mission fields in the rural areas of Cameroon.

Teh Francis - May 2
Rossel Bi - January 3

Anniversary: September 6

Ruth Fiennain - June 21, 2004
Joshua Teh - June 30, 2007
Josiah Nsom - June 30, 2007
(Joshua and Josiah are twins)

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