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Bernard & Agnes Bbengo
Apostles of Faithfulness


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: July 2009

Biography: Apostles of Faithfulness began in 2005 with the vision to preach the good news for a transformed society. The church focuses on children and youth, having a very active youth department that meets with other youth in the area for seminars and prayer. The youth are also actively involved in door-to-door ministry. The church has cell groups arranged by age groups and is developing a group to help meet the needs of the elderly.

Evangelism projects include a Junior School, helping vulnerable groups and lifting up the standard of living among youth.

Strengths: Bernard and Agnes have a strong understanding of the Word and are gifted in making scriptures understandable to the church.

Bernard - June 30
Agnes - November 17

Anniversary: February 23

Batasi Daniel - January 7, 1992
Nakitanda Lovinsa - July 17, 1993
Ndagire Margaret - October 3, 1995
Kyeyune Ibrahim - April 13, 1997
Mulumba Henry - December 17, 1997
Nakyonga Evelyn - October 22, 1999
Nakalembe Deborah - September 4, 2003
Nakiddu Elizabeth - June 22, 2006
Namuwaya Damalie - April 13, 2008

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