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Justus & Joan Kaberinda
Kyekumbya Full Gospel Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: July 2009

Biography: Kyekumbya Full Gospel Church was started in 1988 with the vision to raise up a ministry of intercessory prayer and evangelism with signs and wonders. Justus says, "We yearn for the power of the Lord which enables people in our locality to know Jesus."

In 1993 the church acquired land and erected a structure, which they are now outgrowing. They are planning to build a much bigger structure to accommodate 300 people.

Justus began in ministry as a member of the church choir. He faithfully served and was promoted to praise leader, began working with youth and was promoted to pastor of the church in 1992.

Strengths: Justus and Joan are gifted administrators and faithful pastors.

Justus - August 31

Anniversary: May 29

Deborah Katusabe - March 3, 1994
Ayesiga Perusi - August 8, 1996
Suzan Mirembe - January 6, 1999
Mwesigwa Samuel - February 3, 2003
Emmanuel Alinaitwe - December 25, 2006

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