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Ambrose & Clea Aboko
Jesus the Centre Commission Ministries


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: September 2009

Biography: Jesus the Centre Commission Ministries began in 2003 with the focus to train up their children in the fear of the Lord. They want them to be equipped as the leaders of tomorrow according to the call that the Lord will put on their hearts. Ambrose says that the Lord gave him a vision to raise up His people and bring revival to the land and to provide pastors, teachers and preachers with signs and miracles to complete the task.

The church has cell groups, nursery, children's programs for several ages and youth ministries in each branch church as well as orphanage care programs. They look forward to being able to build schools and begin a technical education program. They have a desire to begin an agricultural program, water project and see a hospital built.

Strengths: Ambrose and Clea have hearts of charity to help all ages and are gifted evangelists. Ambrose tells us that Clea is the woman who helped make him who he is today!

Ambrose - March 24
Clea - April 13

Anniversary: December 15

Rebecca Ekaa - October 19, 1991
Themus Remas - September 25, 1994
Anono Grace Ladona - May 2, 1998
Catherin Timna Adongo - October 15, 2000
Emmanuel Aluu - June 11, 2003
Akello Peace - February 20, 2006
Judith Lain - August 4, 2008

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