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Solomon Raju & Leelavathi Sodadasu
Bethesda Rural Economical Association for Development

East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh,

Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: October 2009

Biography: BREAD, or Bethesda Rural Economical Association for Development, was started in 1990 by Solomon to serve the poorest of the poor, most oppressed communities and the most sociological and economically depressed groups in the Indian society. Leelavathi has worked for many years as a social activist as well as with Gospel Prayerful Women for Tuni town. They happily enjoy working together. While doing research on AIDS control, Solomon realized that money and materials would not be sufficient for the development of the poor and sick, but that a basic need is to awaken the people and to prepare them to identify their own problems and to devise their own solutions and plans of action. The oppressed must not only recognize that they are oppressed but must also be aware of what they can do legally, peacefully, spiritually, mentally and constitutionally to overcome their oppression.

Solomon has a big vision for BREAD, saying, "This is still the beginning. What I have done is only collecting pebbles on the seashore. The ocean is yet to be explored. God's mercies are uncountable. It is my prayer that my successors will accomplish whatever I will be leaving unfinished." The ministry also has a church which ministers to around 500 adults and another 500 children from Tuni town and surrounding villages of the Tuni Mandal.

Strengths: Solomon and Leelavathi have the wisdom of God to see the needs of those they minister to, and big hearts to show the love of God to all.

Solomon - August 15
Leelavathi - June 12

Anniversary: January 18

Thomas Roy - April 4, 1994
Solomon and Leelavathi also have two adult children, Regina Grace and Sobitha Rose.

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