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Branham & Lucy Ogendi
Harvest Global Mission


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2009

Biography: Branham and Lucy's ministry is located in the large metropolitan area of Nakuru. They began in 2006 with the vision of raising up effective ministers, teaching, imparting and mentoring. In 2012 the ministry changed their name to Harvest Global Mission from Pentecostal Harvest Church and re-focused their vision, mission and goals. Their mission is to teach, train, impart, and mobilize true believers for service and ministry in this end time hour of prophetic completion.

Goals include conducting schools of ministries so believers can reach their villages, communities, town and nations for Christ, as well as utilizing people and resources provided by God for world evangelism and minimizing human suffering. They desire to train intercessors and build prayer centers, as well as train church leaders, outreach teams, and praise and worship teams to provide balanced teaching of the Word.

Another goal of the ministry is create useful Christian media through printing, production and distribution of Gospel literature, and by creating TV and radio programs for families and churches.

Strengths: Branham and Lucy's strengths are in teaching, evangelism, healing, intercession and worship.

Branham - January 20
Lucy - October 10

Anniversary: August 28

Flavius - August 9, 1994
Aburi - February 16, 1998
Shelton - September 24, 2002
Marvel - February 6, 2008

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