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Maurice & Roselyne Wafula
Hundredfold Evangelism Ministries


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: December 2009

Biography: Hundredfold Evangelism Ministries began in February, 2000, with the desire to use their energy, strength, resources and time to accomplish the following: to spread the gospel of the kingdom to the world according to Matthew 24:14, to influence other believers to focus on winning others, and to expect a world-wide harvest of people coming to Christ.

The church has cell groups which meet weekly, as well as a youth ministry which meets every week. Evangelism projects include house-to-house visitation, crusades and seminars.

Strengths: Maurice is a gifted pastor and teacher who moves in the gift of receiving words of knowledge.

Maurice - December 4
Roselyne - August 10

Anniversary: December 20

Shadrack Wanjala - August 1, 1993
Sarah Nalinka - February 22, 1995
Maurice and Roselyne also have three adult children, Joshua Simiyu, Naomi Machuma, and Ezekiel Wekesa.

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