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Elie Ngendahoruri
Sinai Gospel Temple of Burundi


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: February 2010

Biography: Sinai Gospel Temple of Burundi was started in 2006, along with Elie's wife Deborah, who transferred to heaven in spring of 2012. The objective in beginning the ministry was to achieve spiritual revival because by that time Burundi was in the midst of a civil war. The goal was to seek the Kingdom of God in a country that was being devastated by war. Elie tells us, "By the grace of the Lord, the church prospered and has gained more and more souls."

The vision of the ministry is to seek first the Kingdom of God. He does this by going outside the church going door to door to make disciples who in turn become disciple makers. The church has cell groups, with 10 people and 2 leaders in each group. They have a nursery and children's ministry, as well as a very active youth ministry with 500 in attendance.

Evangelism projects include door-to-door mission, Bible School, leadership training and work of mercy.

Strengths: Elie is a strong teacher and actively uses the gifts of the Spirit to minister to others.

Birthdays: Elie - December 23

Samuel Baraka - December 11, 2003
Sarah Niyera - February 11, 2004
Salomon Niyonyishu - October 3, 2007

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