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Moses & Monica Buyinza
Mission to the Rural Network Int/Kamuli Town Church of God


Ministry Type: Apostolic

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2010

Biography: The Church of God started in 1990 as a result of Moses and Monica giving their lives to Jesus just three months before. Moses went into the village to witness and just seven days later the church opened. There was no pastor in their midst, so Moses and Monica became the church leaders. As they continued to minister to the people, other leaders were raised up. In 1996 Moses and Monica moved to Kamuli Town and planted Kamuli Town Church of God after planting 10 churches in various villages. The ministry has grown to 25 churches ministering to 3500 Christians.

In 1994 Mission to the Rural Network International was formed to handle the issue of relating as churches in the same area with a common goal, fighting the same enemy. MTR has united over 300 local churches, helping the training of leaders, solving issues together, ordaining church leaders and becoming a strong prophetic voice to the political leaders. Moses says, "God has touched our area by using the diversities in us."

The youth are reaching out to minister to others through sports, drama and music. Monica leads the women's ministry which uses family life education, homestead projects and other studies to reach the women in the area. In the last four years, they have received funding for three bore holes for new water wells.

Strengths: Moses is passionate about planting churches. Monica is dedicated to help widows and families. Both are passionate about reaching out to the communities.

Moses - March 23
Monica - February 2

Anniversary: February 28

Allen - December 26, 1992
Jakin - January 10, 1996
Sophia - August 21, 2000
Moses Jr. - July 14, 2002
Meekness - July 14, 2008

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