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Elijah & Sarah Mbugua
Fire House International Ministries


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: August 2010

Biography: Fire House International Ministries began in 2008 with the mission to preach the gospel to the unreached and impart to them the Holy Ghost fire so that they can preach the gospel. The ministry has cell groups based on locations and neighborhoods encouraging families who live close together to fellowship. They have youth, children, and nursery ministries and are preparing to open a nursery school.

It is the duty of every church member to evangelize in their neighborhood and invite people to church. All volunteers in any department are considered staff members and each are asked to give at least one day a week to visit the sick and pray with them. The vision of the church is to have a holy society which is guided by the Holy Spirit.

Strengths: Elijah is a gifted public speaker with a background in management which prepared him for ministry.

Elijah - April 16
Sarah -July 10

Anniversary: June 22

Peter - January 6, 1995
Joyce - March 8, 1998
Marion - September 7, 2007
Elijah and Sarah also have an adult son, James.

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