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Peterson & Nelly Kabuye
Mukono Miracle Centre Church International


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2014

Biography: Mukono Miracle Centre Church International was established in 2005. Since then, several cell group meetings have been added with various topics such as: Connection and Fellowship, Life Skills and Bible Study.

Peterson recalls a time when demon-possessed woman came to a meeting and received deliverance. He also experienced the miracle of bringing a young girl back to life. After these powerful experiences, Peterson and Nelly provided crusades, conferences and seminars throughout their area. They saw the lame walk, the mute speak, the blind receive sight, and the barren become fruitful.

Strengths: Peterson and Nelly's strengths are through leadership, community development, pastoring, counseling, evangelism, deliverance and networking>

Peterson - September 19
Nelly - August 28

Wedding Anniversary: June 25

Grace - November 3, 2008
Jesse - September 15, 2010
Julius - July 24, 1989

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