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Jean de Dieu & Gaudence Ndagijimana
Community of Christian Churches in Africa


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN:April 2011

Biography: Community of Christian Churches in Africa was started in 1992, but the church was destroyed in 1994 by war in Rwanda. Jean de Dieu and Gaudance started fresh again in 1997, and the ministry has grown to almost 350 members. The focus of the church is in small group ministry to its members through their men's group, women's group, children's group, and youth group. Their youth group meets on Saturday evenings.

The vision of the ministry is to preach the Gospel to all people as Jesus commanded by the power of the Holy Spirit. Evangelism projects include evangelism campaigns, leadership training, and seminars.

Strengths: The Ndagijimanas are gifted preachers and teachers with compassionate pastors' hearts.

Jean de Dieu - January 1
Gaudence - January 1

Anniversary: January 27

Jean Claude Hakuzimana - April 27, 1994
Joshua Tuyishime - February 13, 1997
Garson Uwiragiye - June 27, 1999
Elijah Irashoboye - May 30, 2002
Jonathan Niyomugabo - April 12, 2005
Jean de Dieu and Gaudence also have an adult child, Louise Nyiranizeyimana.

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