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Shankar & Lusia Moni Roy Shikdar
Blessings for Humanity



Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: July 2011

Biography: Blessing for Humanity is a non-profit charity organization in Bangladesh. Shankar and Lusia Moni Roy began this ministry in 2006, quitting their jobs in 2008 and investing their full time for Him. Having come from a conservative Hindu family, and becoming Christian, Shankar became passionate about the great gifts and the good news of Christ. Evangelism projects include:
1. A church where "hope is the message working in the hearts of people". They plan to plant a 2nd church in Khulna.
2. A Sunday School program for Hindu communities.
3. Bible Correspondence School in which they distribute Bible courses through churches to educated youth and adults.
4. An orphanage for the most vulnerable and parentless children, providing food, clothes, education, treatment spiritual foundation and parental care.
5. A preschool which provides education, educational materials, and free food.
6. A formal child education program called William Shakespeare Academy.
7. Child day care in Dhaka for families whose parents must work outside to meet family obligations.
8. A technical training center which has a sewing training program for women and a computer training program for unemployed youth. Shankar tells us, "Computer is the essential part to enter any job. This training may help the youth to get jobs and to become self-employed as well."

Strengths: Shankar and Lusia Moni Roy are passionate about the love and gifts of God. They have loving pastor's hearts and a vision for every person to succeed in life.

Shankar - August 1
Lusia Moni Roy - June 23

Anniversary: December 15

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