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Jimmy & Grace Odong
Revived Church of Christ Ministries


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: February 2012

Biography: Revived Church of Christ Ministries is located in Entebbe, which is a peninsula surrounded by Lake Victoria, Africa's largest lake. The ministry began in 2009 as a home fellowship. The fellowship continued to grow and was soon established as a church and ministry with the vision to have people know the truth and to serve God sincerely. Jimmy has been used mightily of God, having revived a young Muslim girl, who had been dead for three days, as well as his own son, who had passed on. Jimmy tells us, "I have prayed for eleven HIV positive people and God has miraculously healed them all."

The church has home fellowships, children's and nursery ministry. Their youth ministry is based on a discipleship format. The focus of the church is leadership training. Evangelism projects include holding two crusades and 2 seminars each month. They plan to soon begin evangelism projects in neighboring countries.

Strengths: Jimmy and Grace are gifted pastors who encourage others to be true followers of Christ.

Jimmy - April 23
Grace - June 11

Anniversary: October 10

Sunday Anong - July 6, 1993
Scanda Oroma - April 5, 1995
Angeyo-rwot Susan - December 13, 1997
Scovia Ocwee - February 20, 1999

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