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Samwel & Mary Ochieng Otieno
Word of Life Outreach Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: March 2012

Biography: Word of Life Outreach Church began in 1995 with 35 members. The church has grown to over 1500 members and 17 churches throughout Kenya. The churches are subdivided into pastorates, and each pastorate has a divisional pastor. The ministry holds an annual national conference at their mission headquarters where all the branch churches come together to meet. They regularly hold worships and seminars for their leaders where teachers are invited to facilitate. They also organize youth and women's conferences, as well as pastorate crusades.

The churches have children's ministries and youth programs. Each church has a youth pastor and leader. Their youth focus is to have strong and enthusiastic youth that will stand up and win young people to Christ. The children participate in concerts and verse speaking that are relevant to them and motivates them to attend church. Ministry to widows include subsidizing their income to enable them to be self-reliant through seminars to give them business skills then assisting them to start their own businesses. Ministry to orphans include building orphanages to care for the children as well as a school where they can receive a formal education, along with vocational training such as carpentry, masonry and metalworking.

Strengths: Samwel is a gifted administrator and teacher who is eager to help those in need, orphans, and widows.

Samwel - December 31
Mary - June 29

Anniversary: November 25

Nancy Akoth - July 14, 1994
Joah Adhaimbo - June 26, 1994
Christine Anyango - October 19, 2000
Melix Junior - May 6, 2008
Samwel and Mary also have one adult child, Beryl Akinyi

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