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Bernard & Exildah Chimuna
Fountain of Life


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2011

Biography: After serving in ministry with others, Bernard received a call to pastor which was soon confirmed and endorsed by the pastor with whom he was serving. Fountain of Life was soon formed in 1998, and since that time four additional branches have been established by Bernard. Bernard tells us, "We are a Bible believing church, a family of believers in Jesus Christ who wants to know Him, love Him, serve Him and proclaim Him." Their vision statement includes reaching the world through evangelism, providing programs in pastoral care, spiritual development and social actions which include support to the chronically ill and education for orphans and vulnerable children.

The churches have cell groups based on their location in town, nursery, children's and youth ministries, with the youth separated into age groups to best meet their needs.

Strengths: Benard is administrative as well as being a gifted teacher and preacher.

Bernard - December 13
Exildah - March 12

Anniversary: June 12

Susan - September 19, 1995
Angelina - January 10, 2001
Bernard and Exildah also raised an adult niece, Evelyn.

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