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Benard & Juliet Omayio
Victory Life Ministries


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: November 2011

Biography: Victory Life Ministries is located in an area of Nyanza which is a marketing center. This area has access to a good road network, water, and electricity, and Benard tells us, "The residents are hungry for the word of God!" The ministry was established in 2004 as a Bible believing, teach and great commission ministry, which teaches "the whole counsel of God".

The church has nursery, children's and an active youth ministry. The youth are involved in the choir, concerts, evangelism and community projects. They have cell groups, set in groups of twelve which meet weekly. Projects include personal house to house evangelism.

Strengths: Benard's strengths lie in evangelism and pastoring, as well as spiritual warfare.

Benard - December 10
Juliet - November 12

Anniversary: December 10

Lydiah - August 12, 2006
Sheila - July 10, 2007

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