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Manasseh & Juliette Nsengiyumva
Evangelical Ministry Union for Christian International


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: January 2013

Biography: Evangelical International Ministry for Vulnerable Children began in 2008. It encompasses the entire country of Rwanda with the focus to preach the good news all around the world, help the poor, change people into believers in Jesus Christ, have partnerships with other ministries based on the Bible, build biblical schools and churches, help poor children to be educated and to provide jobs to the jobless. Manasseh is the senior pastor of this very well organized large ministry which has 29 associate pastors, all who have participated and agreed with their partnership with FMIN. The group helps fund themselves through agricultural programs and contributions.

The ministry has programs for nursery, children and youth. Evangelism projects include seminars, house to house ministry, specialty seminars for youth, married couples, children and leadership, Bible studies and prison ministry. They pray for the sick and intercede for their country, the churches and all Christians. They still have many areas they wish to expand into, including expanding Biblical studies and basic education into more rural areas, where there are many widows, orphans, and handicapped people. Manasseh told us they still have many children to help.

Strengths: Manasseh is gifted with organizational skills, a detailed vision and a tender heart for those in need, especially children.

Manasseh - January 1
Juliette - June 1

Anniversary: August 25

Elisa - February 5, 2000
Elie - January 2, 2002
Esther - April 19, 2004
Jeremie - March 4, 2006
Manasseh and Juliette also care for 2 orphans:
Francoise - April 1, 2012
Emmanuel - November 9, 1997

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