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Johnson & Annatereza Baguma
Busaana New Full Gospel Church


Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: April 2012

Biography: Busaana New Full Gospel Church was started in 1992 by a group of six people. They prayed and held door to door evangelism as well as mass evangelism in their community of Busaana Village. The church started in a temporary grass structure, but as they have grown they have been able to buy land and build a permanent church. Johnson tells us, "We can now accommodate 200 believers, and many are joining the church. We give glory to God!" The emphasis of the church is ministry, discipleship and evangelism. The have the desire to set captives free from the power of darkness.

The church has nursery and children's ministry, and a youth ministry that focuses on discipleship. They have several cell groups. Johnson and Annatereza tell us they go to the home of one of the believers every evening. Evangelism projects include door to door evangelism every four months.

Strengths: Johnson and Annatereza are gifted in evangelism. Johnson strongly believes that evangelism will help people get saved in a lost world.

Johnson - July 22
Annatereza - April 14

Anniversary: February 22

Baraka James - May 12, 1997
Aleru Fribe - July 29, 1999
Buyinza Jacoko - April 8, 2001
Muwangizi Isawu - April 8, 2001
Mwesigwa Ayubu - August 17, 2004
Sunday Joshua - June 15, 2008
Feta Moses - November 15, 2011
Johnson and Annatereza also have two adult sons, Solomon and Appolo.

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