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Audax Bwarangwa
Upper Room Christian Centre

Tanzania, United Republic Of

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: August 2012

Biography: Upper Room Christian Centre began in 1997 with one church and has continued to grow, having fifteen Tanzania branches in 2012. Audax tells us the vision for the ministry is "To find the lost for Jesus, to share the love of God with them and bring them to the light of the Lord. Also to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus." The focus of the church is on children, youth women and prayer ministry, and leadership training.

The church, which Audax and Mary co-pastor, has nursery and children's ministries. Their youth ministry has a youth pastor, advisor and secretary. The youth have many activities including power seminars and revival meetings, youth conventions twice a year, evangelism, visiting sick people in the hospitals and school ministry where they share the gospel in higher learning institutions.

Evangelism projects include three crusades a year which they call Harvest Crusades. They also have plans to begin projects that can earn money to support their crusades and seminars.

Strengths: Audax and Mary are gifted in the ability to mobilize people for the work of God. They also are evangelism minded, and are committed to any good work for the Lord, regardless of price or payment.

Audax - October 16
Mary - June 28

Anniversary: April 24

Dorcas - March 14, 2004
Asheri - January 26, 2009

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