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Masilya & Cesarine Witakenge Dieudonne
World Change Churches in Central Africa


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: January 2013

Biography: World Change Churches in Central Africa was started in 1997 with the mission statement to show God's love through our actions. They began as a small group meeting in a house to pray and worship God. After years of evangelism, they have five parish churches in Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, most with over 200 members. The ministry has health centers in two of the parishes. They have also opened four primary schools and one secondary school, one hospital, and to help with funding, are breeding pigs and pigeons.

The churches have nursery, children's and youth ministries. They have a desire improve communication between the various parish churches, and to provide more missionaries and trained ministers for continued teaching and growth.

Strengths: Masilya and Cesarine have tender pastor's hearts and are committed to bringing people to Christ and improving their quality of life.

Masilya - April 24
Cesarine - June 20

Anniversary: November 30

Elisha - June 12, 1995
Gedeon - October 27, 1998
Daniel - December 8, 2001
Masilya and Cesarine also have three adult children: Bienfait, Yvette and Ahadi.

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