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Charles & Angela Kibirige
Discipleship Church

Kampala District,

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN:February 2014

Biography:In 2004,Discipleship Church was started in Kamuli Kireka. Through God's grace they endured harassment and property damage to their church building. As time went by, people within the community had a change of heart and the church attendance steadily increased. In 2010, Charles and Angela moved to Bukerere where God added over 200 members!

Their nine musicians have already recorded Christian CDs, and their 27 member choir leads the church in a Pentecostal worship style. They offer a nursery and children's ministry, in addition to youth camps and retreats twice a year. Their practical outreach to their community includes raising chickens and pigs to help the widows and as a source for employment to their ministers who do not have jobs.

Strengths:Charles has multiple talents including: singing, playing keyboard, and football. His evangelistic gifting is accompanied by healings.

Charles - August 2
Angela - September 11

Anniversary: May 29

Robinah - October 10, 1996
Gerald - February 10, 1997
Jesca - April 6, 1998
Maureen - March 6, 2006

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