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Andy & Debbie Greene

United Kingdom


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: September 2005

Biography: Andy and Debbie demonstrate leadership, commitment, energy and responsibility in their fields. Andy does so nationally as he serves in the Ministry of Defense, and Debbie, locally, through her role as Social Worker within the Social Services system in the UK. They both desire to reach their work colleagues and clients, through example, words and actions and by sharing the good news of the gospel demonstrating the faith and freedom they personally experience daily. Their professions provide finances that allow Andy and Debbie to pursue their ministry goals while, at the same time, providing financial support to church planting and other ministries.

Andy and Debbie have a motivational training business called Inspired2Be. Their mission statement is "Recognizing and Releasing Potential".

Strengths: Andy and Debbie demonstrate strong benevolence in their financial support to church planting and ministries and in their personal outreach of sharing.

Andy - September 30
Debbie - July 20

Anniversary: August 15

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