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Sammie & Sandy Begay
Ganado Glory Temple Ministries

Sanders, AZ
United States

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: Charter Member

Biography: Visions of Revival, a support network and an outreach to other Native American Indian Nations, were in the hearts of Sammie and Sandy Begay even before they came to pastor the church in 1996. Today the modest facilities of Ganado Glory Temple Ministries overflow with standing room only. People come to worship, be encouraged by the Word of God and experience the presence of God's Spirit actively ministering His love in their midst. Often, the congregation will take their thousand-people tent the Lord helped them purchase to other areas in the Navajo Nation and even to other North American Indian Nations to share the love of Jesus and inspire enthusiastic praise and worship.

Plans for the near future include improvements and enlargement of the building, a Youth Center and other outreaches to the local community, the Navajo Nation and beyond.

Strengths: The Begay's particular ministry strength is in the area of evangelism among their people. The unique challenges of the tribal environment and traditions have molded strong leaders with an evangelistic vision.

Sammie - December 23
Sandy - June 20

Anniversary: June 6

Family: Sammie and Sandy have two adult children, Candace and Suzanne.

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