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Debi Nunes
Mike and Debi Nunes Ministries

Redding, CA
United States

Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: May 2000

Biography: Mike and Debi worked together in personal ministry to "at risk" youth and families for over 20 years. After a long illness, Mike "upgraded" his residence to Heaven in May of 2008 and is with our Lord. Debi now leads a 50 person team that operates a 36 bed Group Home program for teenagers in the California juvenile justice system, and a large Foster Family Agency. She has served as a teacher, counselor, mentor, minister, residential program developer and administrator with a vision of someday operating a ranch where struggling people could come for help, be introduced to new life in Jesus Christ and be equipped for Christian service. Her work will continue to be primarily with adolescents and young adults and their families.

Debi actively pursued God's vision of a ranch in Colorado, with programs that would include a 14-21 day wilderness trek for youth, short-term residential placement, education, workshops, and family counseling designed to bring about restoration of relationships with the Lord and one another.

Strengths: Debi's talents, gifts and callings have been polished by her formal training and years of experience.

Birthday: Debi - September 17

Family: Debi has two grown sons and three grandsons.

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