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Francisca Nkechinyere & Remigous Akubueze
Chariots of Fire Prayer Ministries

Imo State,

Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: May 2011

Biography: Chariots of Fire Prayer Ministries was started in 1998, but faced many ups and downs until 2003, when it truly became a strong translocal ministry. This is a revival ministry that is comprised of different church members for their spiritual awakening. Francisca tells us, "God has used me to restore broken homes, convert souls, heal different types of sicknesses and diseases, and help the needy."

Chariots of Fire has a children's ministry and holds quarterly indoor and outdoor revival meetings.

Strengths: Francisca moves powerfully in prayer and healing.

Francisca - April 15
Remigous - October 10

Anniversary: March 13

Favour - March 12, 2000
Mercy - July 28, 2002

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