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Chuck & Johnna Smith
Grace and Faith Community Church

Augusta, KS
United States

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

,b>Joined FMIN: October 2006

Biography: Grace and Faith Community Church is in the fast growing town of Andover, Kansas, just two miles from Wichita. Chuck and Johnna pastored a church in Augusta, Kansas, for twelve years before feeling it was time to install the associate pastors as head pastors and move on. They waited two years to pastor again which is when God led them to open Grace and Faith. Their facility came into place quickly and they have been growing.

Chuck and Johnna plan to build vision into the church as they grow and add puppet ministry for outreaches, send youth on missions trips and inspire strong families and Godly children who are not ashamed of the Gospel. Their mission statement is, A Family Church with the World in View. The church's focus is to preach the grace message and inspire people to share their faith, see the world through Jesus' eyes and be bold, as every believer is a minister of the Gospel and is called to reproduce Jesus in the people around them.

Strengths: Chuck is a visionary, an apostolic pastor with strong leadership skills. He flows in the gifts of the Spirit with passion. He has a big heart for Jesus. Johnna is gifted in the area of evangelism. She's a people person who loves to make people look their best and encourage them to see themselves like Jesus does. She flows in words of knowledge, wisdom and discernment. Chuck and Johnna minister as a team and flow well together.

Chuck - April 8
Johnna - March 27

Anniversary: March 24

Family: Chuck and Johnna have two grown sons, 2 daughter-in-laws, and 8 granchildren.

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