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Norton & Raquel da Silva
Agua Viva Igreja Crista



Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: Charter Member

Biography: Norton and Raquel have been planting and establishing churches in Portugal since 1988. An independent pastor is currently pastoring one of these churches. Another church is located in Coimbra, a city in the center of Portugal. The third church is in Aveiro, which is in the center of the country near the Atlantic Ocean. A fourth church is being established in a place called Pombal.

At one time they had two Charis Bible Colleges running in their churches with a total of 75 students. Norton and Raquel are continuing to pray for their churches and for the addition of staff and leadership.

Strengths: Norton and Raquel exhibit the strength, love and wisdom essential in planting and establishing the foundations of churches flowing with the Holy Ghost.

Norton - March 9
Raquel - October 31

Anniversary: September 30

Family: Norton and Raquel have two adult children, Danny and Chantel.

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