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Promise Chikezie & Favour Ahamba
Assembly of Redeemed Church of God

Abia City,

Ministry Type: Church

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: March 2005

Biography: More than one million residents call Aba, Nigeria home, and it is in the heart of this bustling industrial/commercial city that Promise Chikezie and his wife Favour lead the Assembly of Redeemed Church of God, its children's ministry and a growing Youth for Christ Fellowship. The ministry, founded in 1976 by Gabriel Young Onu, focuses on children and older youth in its mission to spread the Gospel. The church professes divine healing, "prayers that move mountains and physical manifestation of the power of God through His servants."

Assembly of Redeemed Church of God provides leadership training twice each year for "both big and small, clergy and layman," and its motto in its focus on children and youth is, "Catch them young."

Strengths: Pastor Ahamba says, "Having believed on prayer and being a prayerful church, we cannot do without prayer. We see it as part of us and not as a program, though we do have prayer programs every month depending on the leadership of the Holy Spirit."

Promise Chikezie - December 27
Favour - January 9

Anniversary: May 24

Child - July 18, 2004

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