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Adernailton Carnerio & Karin Sampaio
Impact World Tour Brazil


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: August 2006

Biography: Since his radical conversion while living on the streets of Brazil, Ton has passionately preached the Gospel to anyone who would listen. After receiving healing from Hepatitis C, he has been preaching the Good News Gospel with even more fervor. His ministry has seen increased testimonies of healing for those he prays for.

Ton is the Director of YWAM's Impact World Tour Headquarters in Curitiba Brazil. This ministry operates year round ministry to the local area and coordinates the Impact World Tour in various locations throughout Brazil, using cultural elements like sports, drama and dance to reach people. Ton and Karin are FMIN South America Directors as well.

Family: Ton and Karin have two children, Jasmine and Raphael.

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