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Margaret Makokha
Fruits of Grace Ministry


Ministry Type: Translocal

Ministry Description:

Joined FMIN: February 2007

Biography: Margaret, a valiant woman of faith, has forged a Gospel path through door-to-door evangelism and crusades from the coastal region of Kilifi, to the interior parts of the bush of Kenya into the hearts of those who are discouraged, deceived by other religions and ignorant of the abundant life in Christ. She began a church, Grace Ministry, in 2002 and has not only nurtured her congregation but has provided a platform through Fruits of Grace Ministry to teach other pastors to know the true love and passion of Jesus Christ, to set them free to preach the same Gospel which can also set people free, to meet spiritual and physical needs, and to show them the importance of school education.

When the growing remote churches meet together, they enjoy unabandoned worship with a leader calling lines of a song and the congregation responding in rhythm while everyone dances and claps or sometimes sings in the Spirit. Margaret began a Bible college with materials from FMIN.

Strengths: Margaret has the gift of evangelism, but she is also a peacemaker and a "mother" to all who need pastoral care. Her compassion and faith have helped her raise twenty-three children. She also has a sensitive spirit toward dreams and visions from the Lord.

Birthday: December 28

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